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Maintenance Detailing

What is Maintenace Detailing?

Maintenance detailing is simply a scheduled, regular car detailing that happens on a consistent basis. How consistent that scheduled detailing is will vary from customer to customer, however in order for it to be considered a maintenance detail, it must take place within a maximum time of two months or eight weeks.


Maintenance details are naturally cheaper than a regular full detail because it happens on a consistent basis, and the car does not have enough time to get dirty enough to charge the regular full price. Because of this, a maintenance detail does not include the full extent of services that a full detail includes, simply because all services are not necessary for a maintenance detail. In other words, one specific service that is left out of a maintenance detail is carpet shampoo.


This may be obvious, but carpets do not need to be shampooed on such a regular basis because they are not left to get dirty enough to need that service. It is for reasons like these that many of my clients are on a maintenance detail plan, because not only do you get your car detailed/cleaned on a regular basis, but it is also much cheaper than a regular detail.


Advantages of a maintenance plan:

There are several advantages to being on a maintenance detail plan, beginning with the most obvious, it is cheaper! Because the car is detailed on a regular basis, it does not require the same amount of product, effort, and cleaning that a one-time customer's car requires, and it is for this reason that a maintenance plan does not cost the same amount as the standard full detail cost.


One thing that I like to tell all of my customers is "Maintenance is better than the cure." This is probably very self-explanatory, but most people leave their cars to collect so much dirt that by the time I show up, it cannot be restored to perfection, or "Like new condition." Just like a regular check-up at the doctor's office keeps you from getting sick, and prevents serious disease, a regular detail on a car will keep it in the like-new, or showroom condition because dirt is not allowed to sit for an extended period of time, and therefore does not become a permanent part of the car.


Just like anything else in life, regularly cleaning your car's interior and exterior will inevitably extend the life of the car, and not to mention, will probably increase its value if you decide to trade it in. 

 How often should you get your car detailed?

The answer to this question is extremely subjective, however, here is some wisdom that I can offer:

#1) There is no such thing as "too much" when it comes to detailing your car. If you have the funds to do it, and you want to, then a weekly plan is not only great for always driving a clean car, but also keeping your car in showroom condition for its entire lifetime.

#2) You will not damage your car by detailing it as regularly as once a week. If anything the opposite is true. Regular cleaning, especially as often as weekly detailing, will extend the life of your car's interior and exterior by leaps and bounds. Regularly protecting your cars dashboard, fabric, leather, and paint from the damaging effects of the sun and elements, is a very, very good thing. 

#3) Once again, maintenance is better than the cure. Customers sometimes get frustrated with me because of the price I give them in order for me to do a complete detail on their car. What they do not realize, is that if they would have had their vehicle maintained prior to calling me, that price would not look nearly as scary. The cost of detailing a car that has been left to sit in dirt and grime versus the price for a maintenance detail is just not even worth comparing. Save money, and drive a well-maintained car, it just makes sense.

#4) Obviously not everyone can afford to pay for a weekly maintenance detail plan, and that is completely understandable. In cases like these, there are other paths that may work. Once again, in order for it to be considered a maintenance detail, and fall under the pricing of a maintenance detail, it must be done within a maximum time span of 8 weeks. Of course, the weekly maintenance detail price will not be the same as the monthly or bi-monthly cost, but the monthly or bi-monthly plan may still be a much more viable option for your specific situation. 


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