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Fleet Maintenance

Protecting your fleet is a core part of a healthy business. Vehicles are an expensive asset that are costly to replace. Keep your vehicles clean and up to date with our fleet maintenance program.

What is Fleet Management?

GMC Denali HD
Ford F250 Work Truck
GMC Denali

Pricing is dependent upon the number of vehicles, vehicle condition, and services being preformed. For a free quote contact us below.

Fleet maintenance is a program specifically designed to ensure a flawless professional appearance within a company that owns vehicles. The appearance of your vehicle not only matters to you, but it represents the company as a whole. A clean and maintained vehicle gives the company a professional image and shows pride in the business. Maintaining a fleet takes knowledge, expertise, and time. Your fleet is a valuable asset, at Lane’s Auto Detailing we understand the importance of this and will provide exceptional, reliable service to maintain the striking appearance that will get your business recognized.

What are the benefits?

A company's fleet is like a store's showcase. It shows customers and potential clients who you are and what you do. Having a clean, maintained fleet is one of the key components to providing a professional image to the viewing eye. Depending on the importance of it to your status, periodically, you may have to go the extra mile, and have your vehicles detailed.

Exterior Protection

Cooler/Cleaner Engine

As time goes on, our engines become dirty, oily, and covered in grease. This layer of grime can actually reduce their performance. In turn, this can result in the vehicle running hotter thus resulting in poor fuel economy. This leads to the engine having to work harder to put out the same amount of power; this causes increased wear over time. Not only does a dirty engine bay result in a loss of power it can also hide problems. Neglected vehicles have the potential to hide significant flaws such as cracks and worn-out wires. These damaged vehicles are not only a liability for your business but also pose a substantial hazard for passengers and other vehicles on the road. This makes it inherently important to keep a maintained vehicle at all times.

Higher Resale Value/ Extended Vehicle Life

A clean car is one that is well maintained. Regular cleaning will not only increase your vehicle's resale value but also extend its lifespan. For example, those who never wax their car may experience premature clear coat failure. This is when the clear coat starts to peel off, in turn bringing down the resale value, and the appearance of said vehicle. A second example would be excessive dirt in the interior. The seats and carpet are likely to become heavily stained, or even beyond the point of no return if a vehicle is never cleaned. Clean cars always fetch more money than dirty ones. Every vehicle experiences wear and tear. Because of that, it is so crucial to take extra care of those who are exposed to the worst of it.

Clean Car/Safer Driving

You can't deny this fact! The cleaner your car is, the safer it is. When it comes to accident prevention, visibility is key, and having a clean windshield ensures maximum visibility, especially at night. What prevents you from seeing clearly? Foggy windows and rearview mirrors. If they are kept clean, you can better assess what's going on around you, which can prevent fatal accidents. In addition, clean headlights provide maximum illumination. A must for driving during the night, or in inclement weather. Cleaning your car not only enhances the safety of driving but is also good for your health. Imagine how much filth collects in your car. Body oils, general dirt, and dust accumulate in your vehicle over time, causing it to become extremely dirty. Excess dirt can lead to bacteria buildup, and sometimes even mold. Leaving this unnoticed can become a serious health risk, making cleaning an important aspect of vehicle maintenance.

Day after day, we drive our vehicles, picking up everything the road throws at them. From road grime to mud our vehicles inevitably become dirty. It is especially true of fleet vehicles since they see many miles throughout the year. Vehicles that are protected from the elements tend to stay cleaner for longer. Using our Maintenance program, your vehicle will be protected with a durable paint sealant that will help combat dirt and grime.

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