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Ceramic Coatings


DPC Coatings achieve relentless water beading, self-cleaning abilities, and mindblowing slickness of the paint. Black will appear deeper and yellows will glow! You might as well dip your car in glass. With a hardness rating of 9H DPC Coatings can be described as an additional clear coat. 

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DPC T3 Paint Coating

Up to 3 Years Durability

T3  is an entry-level 9H pro coating that offers up to 3 years of protection against the elements like acid rain, UV rays, road salts, and other environmental pollutants. Although our most affordable option, T3 (T standing for Titanium) packs a punch in helping your vehicle fight off the elements.

Starting at: $800

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DPC T6+ Paint Coating

Up to 6 Years Durability

T6+ was formulated to help those who are surrounded by the harshest environments and elements. T6+ is a 9H super Hydrophobic Coating that lasts for up to 6 years. This coating leaves the paint extremely slick and with a deep gloss that makes your vehicle look soaking wet!


Just like the previous T3 Coating T6+ is also specially manufactured with Titanium to ensure superior protection.

Starting at: $1,200

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DPC TMR Marine Coating

Up to 10 Years Durability

DPC TMR 9H Marine Coating is specially engineered to protect RVs and Boats from a multitude of elements. TMR utilizes a unique bonding agent for all your marine & RV surfaces with a powerful stance against friction, heat, sea salt, and extreme conditions.

Although designed for use in RVs & Marine applications TMR delivers supreme protection on Automotive Finishes as well.

Starting at: $1,500


DPC T9 Paint Coating

Up to 9 Years Durability

T9 is our top of the line paint protection coating. Boasting an expectancy of 9 years it offers the highest level of gloss and slickness across all of our coatings. It also has relentless water beading and self-cleaning abilities that are truly mind-blowing.


Recommended for show cars T9 will intensify all colors, Black will appear deeper, Yellows will glow, and White will finally stand out with amazing reflection and gloss. Containing Titanium Dioxide our coatings provide unprecedented protection against corrosive materials and will leave any paint looking better than new. 

Starting at: $1,500

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Ultimate Protection

Ceramic Coatings provide superior protection against the elements, and everything else life throws at your vehicle. Whether you own a daily driver or an exotic vehicle, a coating may be the answer to protecting your prized investment.

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